When you live thousands of miles from your other loved ones, technology is one of your best friends.

I am ever grateful for the experience of being a mother to this beautiful child.

It is good to look at old photos to remind me how far we have come honey, and the great times that make the foundation of our marriage.

Reminiscing the feeling of moving to this house --- because it was dream come true for me.
Thank you God!


things i teach brandon that are not taught in school

1. make the bed 
2. empty the dishwasher
3. empty the washing machine and dryer
4. load clothes into the dryer and turn it on to dry the clothes
5. dust around the house
6. swiffer the floor
7. be the 2nd man of the house and double check the doors are locked before going to bed
8. put plates in sink after meal
9. no tv, no phone during family meals
10. pray in the morning, at bedtime together with mama and dada, and pray and thank God all throughout the day
11. group hug (actually he taught me this)
12. help carry things into the house after each grocery shopping trip
13. be honest about how you feel around people you love and love you
14. go to church
15. read books
16. praise
17. appreciate
18. bless everyone and everything around you
19. go to bed happy


Why so handsome?

The son and mom that beautify together stay together.

Brandon, you are so easy to love~.

I love you so much!

Brandon you fill my days with laughter!


Summer was fun but Brandon had to study for 30 mins to an hour a day.
Thank you Kumon for these great books!

Fun times.
I will always cherish our time together.

Summer went by too fast.
I am very thankful to God that He arranged it so that I was able to spend it with my boys free of work.

Thank you so much!

Taken at Watson Lake, Arizona.  
Daddy and Brandon, you make me so happy!!!
Thank you for loving me!

Our son has become so good at swimming!  I can't believe it!  I feel so grateful and blessed.


{Ask and You Shall Receive}

Moving to Arizona meant for me choosing a great school for Brandon. The A grade school close to our house didnt have any openings at the time I registered Brandon. Nevertheless, I thanked God in advance for giving Brandon the school he needs to help him grow and learn happily. August 3 2015 was the first day of school, and since he was still waitlisted at our school of choice, we enrolled him to his community school. That same week, I received an email on Wednesday that Brandon has been accepted to our school of choice and started going there the following Monday. Faith, Actionm and Expectation are my main three ingredients in causing the Universe to converge all circumstances/events/people to manifest my desire. Thank you God.

Keep Going

Perseverance and focusing on your vision will get you there. And when you reach the top... aahhh. What a great feeling it is indeed.

Break Time

It is ok to take a rest when life throws curve balls at you. Most importantly, taking a break allows you to see things in a much more positive perspective.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

I prayed for a child. But I received more than a child. With this child, my life has become truly purposeful and meaningful. My son, you have pushed me to be the best I can be so that you can be the best you can be. You have taught (and continue to teach) me love in its purest form. Sometimes, it is so pure that it can be misinterpreted. You are the greatest gift that God has given me apart from your Dad and the life I have. I am ever grateful to you. I love you forever across lifetimes and universes.


Wing Mountain

It is great that even if we live in Arizona, there are places to go where we can enjoy snow.  Here we went to Wing Mountain for a day.  We had a blast sledding, but also learned that we can do more and do better the next time we go.  We can bring our portable grill, lawn chairs, change of clothes, etc, and most importantly come much earlier.

Thank you God for this wonderful place!

Little Cookers

We enrolled our son to Little Cookers, which are a set of 1-hr classes where kids learn how to cook.  When I bring him, I stay and watch (and learn).  I don't know why but I just want to stay and make sure he is ok, and that he is learning, and that he is behaving.  Oh my gosh right?  Yes, that's me.  I get separation anxiety when my son is away from me.  For me it is ok, because someday, he will be all grown up and there is no way I can be like this mom anymore.  I am cherishing this time,and savoring it.

My 11 years of marriage, and I must admit that it takes work, time, and commitment to keep it and make it work.  I say this because before I got married, my husband and I only focused our time and efforts to ourselves.  When we were together, everything we did and do were all about us.  After we got married, our time and conversations became more about work schedule, paying the bills, relative matters, our son, the mortgage, etc.  And next thing you know, the marriage becomes all about things that are not related to love.  Well, good thing we have love, we have the commitment to be with each other no matter what.

These pictures were taken when our son had a playdate at his classmate's house from 5pm-7pm.  My husband and I scrambled to figure out what we can do in 2 hours!  We ended up having dinner at Fleming's.  I wished that I had time to really prepare like wear a nice dress, and fix my hair, etc but no time.

However, we had a great time eating and feeling like we are bf/gf again.

It has been a while since I posted here. Our family is really loving our new life here in Arizona.  It's weird to say it like that, "new life".   It seems like yesterday when I would always talk about moving to a warmer state and starting our "retirement" life there.  And here we are!  God is so great folks.  I can't stop being thankful and grateful about the fact that I am living the future that I imagined.  I wish for you the same things.  That you live your dream.  That you really figure out your heart's desire, and ask for it and then expect to happen.

God bless you all!